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Welcome to the Google Website Search Blog. Our Google Website Search Blog is Not affiliated with Google Inc. Our goal is to inform and reveal the power of GOOGLE’s search engine tools and how they may help you in the future.

We chose Google because they dominate the search industry without a doubt and will probably do so for many years to come. How can understanding search help you?What’s the first thing you think of when someone says “Google it”? You go to Google’s front page at and start typing in your keyword phrase to perform a website search on Google.

Have you ever built a website and no one showed up to see it? It’s all related to search and the importance of planning before you start building any website. What if you could get even more specific when you want to search for something like books? Google has a search engine for books.

How about searching for information about obtaining a patent? Yes… Google has a search engine for patents. Have you ever thought about searching for the laws that govern us? Yep… Google has a search engine for finding patents and laws the govern. I can go on but you get my drift. It’s endless.

Google must have between 30 to 40 dedicated search engines that could benefit how you approach search from now on. Google recently announced their future plans for search and also revealed aspects of real time search to keep up with Twitter and Facebook’s real time platform.

Discover the importance of obtaining a domain name with your primary or main keywords built in the name to help be found in search engines. This website is all about Google website search so it is fitting to have the domain name with those keywords. Keywords related to your domain title help with SEO or search engine optimization.

Unless you’re a search engine optimizing guru, the tips you’ll learn here will help you enhance your knowledge about search and how it affects your business website. We’ll work hard to Inform and educate so you’ll be ahead of the class.

The things you’ll learn here will give you the answers you need to stay on the right track with search. Especially if you’re building your first website. After building a number of websites I wanted to know how search reallyworks in relation to a websites.

Why is search so important? Because it’s the catalyst that keeps a business dedicated to the web relevant and prosperous. Search can help a business grow of sink it. It’s the gateway to a future of breaking down languages and cultural barriers.

Is your current website showing in English but you want to see what it looks like in spanish? Go to and put in your url address and you’ll see the power of search Google’s ability to translate your content into many languages.

Our website is not affiliated with Google. We are simply Google website search enthusiasts.

We look forward to sharing loads of free information with you as time goes on.

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